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Reakhrom-Protein C

Reakhrom-Protein C Kit for optical determination of Protein C activity according to TU 9398-019-05595541-2008. Designed for measuring the activity of Protein C in blood plasma using a chromogenic substrate method, both manually and on all types of analyzers with an optical registration channel at a wavelength of 405 nm.

The anticoagulant Protein C system includes: thrombomodulin, Protein C, Protein S, thrombin as the activator of Protein C, and Protein C inhibitor. In this complex, thrombin acts as the activator of Protein C. The final action of the Protein C system is primarily directed towards inhibiting the coagulation factors in the blood - factor VIIIa and factor Va, as well as inactivating the inhibitor of tissue plasminogen activator - PAI-1. Disorders in the system can lead to thromboses of various localization.

Method principle: The method for determining Protein C activity in a plasma sample is based on the ability of activated Protein C to hydrolyze a peptide chromogenic substrate. The amount of released para-nitroaniline (pNA) is directly proportional to the activity of Protein C in the plasma sample. Plasma Protein C is activated by adding a purified extract of Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix venom.

The process follows this scheme: Protein C + activator (excess) ⇒ Activated Protein C Activated Protein C + Peptide-pNA ⇒ Peptide + pNA (yellow)

To build a calibration graph, a calibrator plasma with a known Protein C activity is used. On the ordinate axis (Y) on a linear scale, optical density values obtained for each dilution of the calibrator plasma are plotted, and on the abscissa axis (X) on a linear scale, Protein C activity is plotted in %.

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Kit composition:

  • Lyophilized Protein C activator (5 ml/vial) – 2 vials;
  • Lyophilized Calibrator plasma (1 ml/vial) – 1 vial;
  • Lyophilized Chromogenic substrate (2 ml/vial) – 2 vials;
  • Concentrated buffer (2 ml/vial) – 1 vial.

The kit is designed for conducting 20-100 determinations depending on the type of analyzer used. Normal and pathological values of Protein C should be monitored using control plasmas from NPO RENAM: Control plasma, code KM-2.