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Re-Dimer Control

Material for Quantitative Determination of D-Dimers in Human Plasma (Re-Dimer Control) according to TU 21.20.23-064-05595541-2018

Designed for use as a control material to assess the accuracy and reproducibility of the quantitative determination of D-dimers in human plasma. Supports the diagnosis of blood coagulation disorders and monitoring of hemostasis. Elevated levels of D-dimers indicate reactive fibrinolysis and may suggest the possibility of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism (PE), disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), and other serious blood coagulation disorders.

Method Principle: Re-Dimer Control is analyzed in the same series of measurements as the test plasma when performing quantitative tests for D-dimer determination according to the instructions provided with the corresponding reagent kits.

The analyzed parameters of the control material should fall within the range of values specified in the kit's documentation.

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Kit Composition:
Re-Dimer Control Level 1, lyophilized (volume after reconstitution 1 ml/vial) – 3 vials;
Re-Dimer Control Level 2, lyophilized (volume after reconstitution 1 ml/vial) – 3 vials.
Re-Dimer Control Level 1 contains D-dimers within the normal range.
In Re-Dimer Control Level 2, the D-dimer content is elevated compared to normal. The Re-Dimer Control kit is intended for conducting 300 analyses with a consumption of 0.02 ml per analysis.