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Plasma substrate XII

Plasma substrate, deficient in factor XII (Plasma substrate XII) according to TU 9398-043-05595541-2012. The kit is intended for determining the coagulation activity of blood plasma in patients and fresh-frozen donor plasma (FFDP) using a one-stage clotting method.

For manual methods, as well as for all types of automatic and semi-automatic coagulometers.

Method Principle: When added to the diluted test plasma, substrate-deficient plasma corrects all coagulation factors except for factor XII. Therefore, the clotting time in the activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) test of the mixture of diluted test and substrate-deficient plasma for factor XII depends solely on the activity of factor XII in the test plasma. Factor XII activity is determined using a calibration graph of dilutions of calibrator plasma with established factor XII activity.

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  • Substrate plasma deficient in factor XII, lyophilized (1.0 ml/vial) – 3 vials.

One vial is intended for conducting 20 analyses with an expenditure of 0.05 ml of reagent per analysis.

Normal and pathological values of factor XII activity should be monitored using Control Plasma, code KM-2.