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Kaolin, Reagent for Contact Activation of Hemostasis (Kaolin) according to TU 9398-040-05595541-2012

Designed for conducting coagulological tests such as activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), activated recalcification time (ART) (kaolin time), and the analysis of lupus anticoagulant.

The reagent is intended for use on all types of semi-automatic and automatic coagulometers with a reagent cell equipped with mixing capabilities.

Method Principle: Adding substances with the ability to contact-activate Hageman factor, such as kaolin suspension, to the investigated plasma, standardizes the initial phase of the blood clotting process and significantly accelerates this process. Subsequent activation of coagulation cascade factors occurs on the plasma's own (present in the investigated plasma) phospholipid matrices.

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Kit Composition: • Kaolin 0.5% suspension in physiological saline (NaCl) (5 ml/vial) – 6 vials.

One kit is intended for conducting 600 analyses, with a consumption of 0.05 ml of kaolin per analysis.

Interpretation of Results: In normal conditions, the kaolin time ranges from 55 to 75 seconds. Kaolin time is prolonged in cases of deficiency in factors of the intrinsic and common pathways, during heparin therapy, and in the presence of both specific and non-specific coagulation inhibitors (particularly lupus anticoagulant). In such cases, mixing the investigated plasma with normal plasma does not lead to the correction of kaolin time determination results.

Normal and pathological values of tests conducted with the Kaolin reagent should be monitored using Control Plasma (pool of healthy donors) (Plasma N), code KM-1.