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Imidazole buffer

Concentrated imidazole buffer (Imidazole Buffer) according to TU 9398-035-05595541-2011 is intended for diluting investigated samples during coagulological testing of the activity of all coagulation factors, determining the concentration of fibrinogen, analyzing coagulation inhibitors, XIIa-dependent fibrinolysis, etc. The reagent is designed for use both manually and on all types of semi-automatic and automatic coagulometers.

Method Principle: Dilution of the investigated sample with the working buffer solution brings the concentration or activity of the investigated parameter into the linear range. The Imidazole Buffer reagent is a transparent colorless liquid, and the concentration of sodium ions in it, after preparing the working solution, is in the range of 98–102 mmol/liter, and pH is in the range of 7.35–7.45.

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Kit Composition: • Concentrated imidazole buffer (5 ml/vial) – 6 vials.

Normal and pathological values of tests conducted with the Imidazole Buffer should be monitored using Control Plasma (pool of healthy donors) (Plasma N), code KM-1, and Control Plasma, code KM-2.