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Calcium chloride 0.20 M

Reagent for Recalcification of Citrate Plasma and Citrate Blood (Calcium Chloride) according to TU 9398-039-05595541-2011

Calcium chloride (0.2 M solution) is intended for initiating the coagulation reaction during calcium-dependent tests in thromboelastography and thromboelastometry.

Method Principle: The addition of an excess of calcium ions to the investigated plasma neutralizes citrate ions that stabilize the plasma, initiating coagulation under the influence of a specific activator.

Calcium chloride reagent is a transparent colorless liquid, and the concentration of calcium ions in it is in the range of 0.19–0.21 mol/liter.

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Kit Composition: • Calcium chloride 0.2 M solution (2 ml/vial) – 6 vials.

One kit is intended for conducting 600 analyses, with a consumption of 0.02 ml of calcium chloride per analysis.