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Heparin Therapy Monitoring

The reagent kit for determining anti-Xa activity of heparin by coagulological method ("Reaklot-heparin") according to TU 9398-024-05595541-2011 is intended for monitoring heparin therapy by measuring the anti-Xa activity of heparin (both unfractionated and low molecular weight) in human plasma.

ГП-1, ГП-1/1

Reagent kit for the determination of anti-Xa activity of heparin by the optical method ("Reakhrom-heparin") according to TU 9398-032-05595541-2011 (GP-1)


"Renaparin-Plasma-Test" is a set of reagents designed for quantitative determination of anti-Xa and anti-IIa activities of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in blood plasma using chromogenic substrates. This method is intended solely for scientific research purposes.

Method Principle: The method for determining LMWH activity is based on the ability of the antithrombin III-heparin complex (AT III-LMWH) to neutralize activated factors Xa and IIa.


RENAPARIN-test (pharmaceutical preparations control)

A set of reagents for determining the activity of low-molecular-weight heparin.