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Calibrating solution for hemoglobin as a reference sample for non-hemiglobincyanide methods of hemoglobin investigation (Calibrator-Renam) according to TU 9398-290-05595541-2009:

This solution is intended for the quantitative determination of hemoglobin content in blood using the hemichrome method, complex-forming reagent, and other methods excluding the hemiglobincyanide method. The analysis is performed on spectrophotometers (SF), photoelectrocalorimeters (FEC), and hemoglobinometers.

Method Principle: The use of Calibrator-Renam is based on the correspondence between the hemoglobin and its derivatives' content in blood and the content of hemichrome – a stable compound formed by the interaction of hemoglobin with sodium dodecyl sulfate or with the complex-forming reagent.

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Composition of the kit:

  1. Aqueous solution of hemoglobin with a certified concentration within the range of 150-170 g/L (3 ml/vial) - 3 vials.

The kit is designed for conducting 450 determinations with a consumption of 0.02 ml of the hemoglobin solution per analysis.

To verify the accuracy of hemoglobin determination using Calibrator-Renam, perform the verification with a set of hemoglobin control solutions (Diagem K) produced by "MBOOI Society of Hemophiliacs," with the code GM-3.