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Diagem K

Set of hemoglobin control solutions (Diagem K) according to TU 9398-009-05595541-2009:

The set is intended for verifying the accuracy and reproducibility of determining total hemoglobin using the hemiglobincyanide method on spectrophotometers (SF), photoelectrocalorimeters (FEC), and hemoglobinometers.

Method Principle: The method is based on the formation of a stable compound, hemiglobincyanide, from blood hemoglobin, the intensity of the color of which is proportional to the amount of hemoglobin. The reaction occurs in two stages:

  1. Oxidation of all forms of blood hemoglobin to methemoglobin under the action of potassium ferrocyanide.
  2. Conversion of methemoglobin to hemiglobincyanide under the action of cyanide ions.
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Composition of the kit:

  1. Aqueous solutions of hemoglobin with certified concentrations within the range of:
    • 70-90 g/L (3 ml/vial) - 1 vial,
    • 110-130 g/L (3 ml/vial) - 1 vial,
    • 140-180 g/L (3 ml/vial) - 1 vial.

One kit is intended for conducting 450 analyses with a consumption of 0.02 ml of hemoglobin control solution per analysis.