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Control Plasmas and Calibrators


Plasma with certified values of coagulation, anticoagulation, and fibrinolytic system parameters (Multicalibrator) according to TU 9398-051-05595541-2014


Reagent for the control of the correctness of determining the parameters of the coagulation, anticoagulation, and fibrinolytic systems (Control plasma) according to TU 9398-026-05595541-2009.

Control plasma

Control Plasma (pool of healthy donors) (Plasma N) according to TU 9398-004-0559541-2009

Plasma H

Plasma Calibrator for INR and Prothrombin Time (Prothrombin Calibrator) according to TU 9398-057-05595541-2013 is designed to determine the average normal prothrombin time (PT100%) when expressing the results of prothrombin time (PT) as the International Normalized Ratio (INR). It is also used for constructing a calibration curve correlating PT in seconds to prothrombin in percentage (PT%).

Prothrombin calibrator

Plasma Controls for Monitoring the Accuracy of INR Determination during Oral Anticoagulant Therapy (3 levels) (Prothrombin Control) according to TU 9398-056-05595541-2015

Prothrombin Control

ReDimer-Control" is a control material designed for the quantitative determination of D-dimers in human blood plasma, according to the TU 21.20.23-064-05595541-2018.

ReDimer control