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Blood clotting factors


Reagent kit for determining the activity of blood coagulation factor VIII (Factor VIII Test) according to TU 9398-020-05595541-2009. Intended for determining the activity of blood coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) using a one-stage clotting method in the blood plasma of patients for the diagnosis of hemophilia A and thrombophilia, in fresh-frozen donor plasma (FFP), cryoprecipitate, and factor VIII preparations to assess their quality.

Faktor VIII-test

The kit is designed for quality control of the determination of factor VIII activity in the in vitro system. It includes plasma from donors, plasma from patients with hemophilia A, plasma from patients with thrombophilic conditions associated with high levels of factor VIII, and therapeutic preparations such as cryoprecipitate and fresh frozen plasma (FFP).

Patoplasma VIII

Reagent Kit for Determination of Blood Coagulation Factor IX Activity (Factor IX Test) according to TU 9398-021-05595541-2009

Faktor IX-test

Set of reagents for determining the activity of fibrin-stabilizing factor (factor XIII) (Factor XIII Test) according to TU 9398-013-05595541-2007 Designed for investigating the activity of factor XIII in human blood plasma using a manual method.

Faktor XIII-test