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About us

RPA RENAM (head of RPA RENAM — Aron Berkovsky, PhD) is a leading manufacture of diagnostic test systems and reagents for the survey of hemostasis and hemoglobinometry in Russia and CIS.

The main activities of the RPA RENAM are:

Production and sale of reagents for hemoglobinometry and hemostasis diagnostics such as basic coagulation tests, tests for differential diagnostics of disorders in the coagulation system: analysis of clotting factors, diagnostics of thrombophilic conditions, hemophilia, monitoring of anticoagulant therapy, study of fibrinolysis activity and platelet aggregation function as well as production of control materials.

Development of methodical manuals and manuals for laboratory assistants covering modern data on physiology and pathology of the hemostasis and detailed methods for performing laboratory tests with their clinical interpretation.

Participation in specialized scientific events and exhibitions.

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